Luxury hotels in Tallinn
What are The Top Luxury Hotels in Tallinn?

Here are the 5 coolest luxury hotels in Tallinn. Live like medieval nobility, yet with all new and modern hotel amenities at your disposal. Good news - the prices are affordable, as Tallinn hotel prices are not the highest in Europe.

We will start with the most luxurious hotels and move towards the most affordable options.
True luxury hotels are unmistakable due to their attention to minute detail in everything from design and decor to service standards. Customer service at such hotels is not only professional and efficient but also warm and intuitive. The rooms are both comfortable and equipped with the very best amenities. Even the hotel's dining establishments, spa and gym facilities, and bars have to meet its exacting standards for perfection.

Star ratings, as determined by Forbes, AAA, and other similar organizations, are used to distinguish one hotel's standards from another. That said, both four-star and five-star hotels fall under the banner of a "luxury hotel" definition. There are no specific standards that a hotel has to meet in order to qualify for the label, but hotel guests who frequent highly rated hotels have come to agree on what they expect from a luxury hotel, thus setting an informal sort of standard for the hospitality industry.

St. Petersbourg Hotel

Posh 5 star hotel, recently refurbished

There are a number of things to admire about the St Petersbourg hotel. This is the oldest operational hotel in Tallinn and was opened in 1850. This is the newest 5 star property in Tallinn and has 2 great restaurants, the Kuldse Kõrts Kõrts which serves authentic Estonian cuisine and the Hermitage which serves great Russian cuisine, the Hermitage featured on the list of the 50 Best Estonian Restaurants in 2008 and in 2015.

The St Petersbourg hotel might be a boutique hotel but it still gives guests quite a few options to pick from when deciding on what room to stay in. Some of the rooms on offer include classic rooms, superior rooms, deluxe rooms, and junior and hotel suites. Since the hotel has recently gone through a makeover, all the rooms look brand new and have a mix of Russian hospitality and modern amenities. The biggest difference in most of the rooms is the size of the room. It is important to highlight that none of the hotel rooms or suite have a king size bed and the best you can get is a queen size bed.

The Hotel is situated at the center of the Old Town and hence guests will find it very easy to visit some of the popular landmarks on the tourist trail.

Sightseeing around the Old Town of Tallinn can prove to be quite exhausting. There are a number of ways one can relax and unwind at the hotel and one of them is enjoying the sauna. Guests who stay at the hotel have free access to the sauna from 7 am to 11 am provided that they reserve a slot in advance. The sauna at the St. Petersbourg hotel has a European touch to it and offers complimentary bottled water, essential oils, shower gels and bathrobes. Usually when you book the sauna in advance, you tend to get it all to yourself.

The Schlössle

5-star hotel, housed in 13th and 14th century buildings

Schlossle Hotel offers rooms with antique furniture, free iPads that can access the free WiFi or free LAN Internet, a flat-screen TV, and a DVD player.

In the luxury en-suite bathroom, one can find heated floors and can choose between a shower and a bathtub. Bathrobes are available, as is a private bath butler. Each room has a private safe for keeping valuables.

Guests have free access to the sauna for a few hours each morning, or they can opt for a massage.

The Cigar Lounge is one of the hotel's most popular hotspots, especially among the locals. From the cushions on the sofas to the murals on the wall, every detail of the decor has been meticulously planned. A range of cigars can be enjoyed here along with a glass of cognac.

At the restaurant, a world-class chef provides gourmet meals, while small meals can be taken in the open courtyard.

All of the usual facilities and amenities one would expect from a luxury hotel can be found at the Schlossle, including adequate meeting facilities, numerous suites, and a range of executive services.

The Three Sisters

Luxury boutique accommodation in a medieval style hotel

The Three Sisters features an award-winning restaurant with a special seating area for children. Meals on the a la carte menu, which offers traditional Estonian cuisine and fusion dishes, can be adjusted according to the guests' dietary preference. At the Chocolatier Selection, guests can sample some of Estonia's world-famous chocolate.

The Three Sisters offers special accommodations for guests in wheelchairs or those sensitive to allergens, and the concierge and other staff go to great lengths to meet any special requests.

Among the many services on offer are laundry and dry cleaning, ironing, shoe cleaning, and babysitting. Valuables and passports can be checked into the hotel's safe at the reception.

As a winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, it has certainly earned its label with the fine services and beautiful surroundings it offers.

The Telegraaf

5 star spa hotel

Similarly, the Telegraaf Hotel, a short distance from Town Hall Square in Tallinn, has historically been the hotel of choice for famous musicians, businesspeople, prime ministers, presidents, and sportsmen.

Each of the 86 rooms is elegantly appointed and features all the best amenities.

Business executives can make use of the private lounge, which provides newspapers, stationary, a computer, a printer, a phone and fax, Internet access, a TV, and refreshments. A private VIP attendant is available to assist guests with travel arrangements.

The Restaurant Tchaikovsky, one of the best in Estonia, offers Russian and French cuisine, while liquor and cocktails are available at the lobby bar.

The Symphony Lounge doubles as a meeting room or private dining hall.

Perhaps its best feature though is the renowned Elemis SPA, which offers free admission to hotel guests. As a full-fledged hotel spa, guests can enjoy the use of a sauna; steam bath; hot tub; and a whole menu of body treatments, facials, and massages.

The Savoy Boutique

Top-notch hotel

Savoy Boutique is another luxury hotel in Tallinn.

Known for its exquisite attention to detail, the hotel stands out for both its professional service arrangements and its interior decor, inspired by a chic art-deco movement.

Accentuated by luxurious furnishings, the guest rooms provide convenience and comfort.

Although it is close to the town center, guests get a good night's rest since many of the rooms face away from the city's nightclubs.

The Merchant's House

Great value boutique hotel

Merchant's House, located right in the heart of Old Town, a mere 50 meters from the town hall and Raekoja Plats, is decorated in a combination of classic and contemporary styles.

Adding to its charm are hidden staircases, hand-painted frescos, restored fireplaces, and a medieval facade.

The reception is open 24 hours a day, allowing guests the chance to make travel plans, purchase tickets, book the airport shuttle, and get information about local tourist attractions. If you'd like to take a day trip, the hotel will even prepare a special packed lunch for you.

At the hotel, guests can choose from 6 different suites, all decorated in a different style, among other rooms. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel and is especially useful to businesspeople making use of the meeting room and conference facilities.

In addition to the on-site restaurant and two bars, guests can dine in their own rooms, where dietary preferences can still be accommodated. A sauna and massage parlor are available for guests who'd like to unwind at the end of the day.

Luxury Standards

Tallinn's hospitality offerings easily match those of the rest of the world in the luxury hotel market, making it a top destination for long vacations. Guests who come here enjoy exploring the city and Old Town just as much as they enjoy their stay at some of the best hotels in town.

While it's impossible to please everyone on every issue imaginable, most luxury hotels do well by touching on the most important details and attempt to beat the competition by going one step further with small, thoughtful touches.

Every luxury hotel will ensure that the reservation process is smooth. Reservations can typically be made over the phone or through the hotel's website, though most hotels block rooms for travel agents to sell. If you go through a travel agent, the hotel won't be responsible for the agent's service standards, but you will have the benefit of learning more about the hotel from a third party and selecting the best hotel that fits within your budget. The hotel will, of course, provide any assistance needed throughout the reservation process.

Check-in and check-out should be quick, simple, and discreet to avoid making guests wait for a long time in a queue when they've just arrived, worn out from a long journey. Luggage is typically transferred to the room within 10 minutes of arrival. Many luxury hotels even provide private check-in and check-out services in the room for maximum convenience, though such a service may be restricted to the most expensive suites. Express check-out may be an option as well. If there are discrepancies on the bill that need to be worked out, this should be taken care of as painlessly as possible at any hotel that hopes to bear the luxury label.

At a luxury hotel, the customer's needs are paramount, so you should always get exactly the kind of room you have requested. A large number of requests can reasonably be accommodated. For instance, you have your pick of a wide range of hotel room styles and standards from the standard double to a full-fledged luxury suite. You can select a room with the most convenient location, whether you need to be on the ground floor or top floor or prefer to be near to or far off from the lobby area. You can even select your preferred view, depending on the room type that you've chosen.

Ask for a room near the elevator if you plan on making numerous trips outside of your room, or select one that is placed at a decent distance away from the AC generators or ice machines for more seclusion and less noise.

Some hotels are pet friendly, but you should call ahead to make sure before you make a booking. The same applies to handicapped rooms. All luxury hotels should have some facilities available for the handicapped, but it's best to check that those particular rooms have been reserved before you arrive, or the last rooms may be assigned to someone else before you arrive.

In your room, a wide variety of options should be available, including a king bed with a comfortable mattress and shower or bathtub. Some rooms come with a plunge pool, which can be requested. Everything about the room should scream "luxury" from the moment you enter. The design and decor should be elegant and comfortable, and furnishings should be top of the line. No overpowering odors should be present, whether it's old smoke or excessive room freshener. If the walls are papered over, the wallpaper should be of high quality and not a plastic wipe-down variety. Even the artwork needs to be original, rather than generic mass-produced posters and prints.

Robes and slippers are typically provided, and most luxury hotel rooms have at least one window that can be opened for fresh air. Curtains tend to be in pleasing colors and come with drapes that can block out the light during the day. Storage space should be sufficient, from tabletops and counters to drawers and closets. Hangers are usually provided. There is typically a comfortable reading chair in a luxury room, as well as a work desk.

Even regular rooms should have a private safe, with most luxury hotels providing one large enough to hold a laptop.

Luxury rooms typically have a large flat-screen TV with a selection of DVDs and free channels, access to the Internet, complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities and bottled water, a full-length mirror, an alarm clock, and an effective heating/AC system. Many rooms also provide an iPod dock for charging or listening to music.

Even the bathrooms have every last detail planned for aesthetic appeal and to supply your every conceivable need. The toiletries, including bath gel and soap, are always carefully chosen luxury products. Counters are usually marble or tile. The bathtub is typically large enough to accommodate two people, and water pressure should be strong in the shower. High-quality fluffy terrycloth towels are always available in plentiful supply. European hotels, in particular, also provide a bidet for extra convenience.

Service is also of prime importance. Guests are always greeted with a smile at each encounter with hotel staff, whose job it is to make them feel welcome and valued. Repeat guests are often acknowledged by name as a sign that the staff recognizes them and their special requests and requirements. The housekeeping staff should always be discreet, efficient, and dependable, and all luxury hotels should provide a nightly turndown service. Strong smelling cleaning products are typically avoided to keep both the rooms and public areas fresh. Maintenance staff should arrive promptly upon receiving a complaint from the guest. Even outdoors, care is taken by hotel staff to avoid getting in the way of guests or creating a disturbance.

Many luxury hotels provide the suites (and sometimes all rooms) with a private butler to attend to your every need, including packing and unpacking, helping you get to appointments on time, and thinking ahead to guess what you'll need (depending on your itinerary) before you need it. Private butlers have been known to arrange for impromptu massages after a tiring day or stock a refrigerator with items that meet your special dietary requirements.

Dining options are another way to identify a luxury hotel. Even tiny boutique hotels offer a restaurant and a bar with high standards of service, high quality food and beverages, stylish decor, and amazing ambiance.

And of course, all luxury hotels offer room service, which should be available around the clock at hotels in major cities. A buffet breakfast is usually included in the room charges.

Luxury hotels in Tallinn offer many of these features and try to keep with top luxury standards.