Family-friendly places to stay in Tallinn
What are The Best Family Accommodations in Tallinn?

The Kalev Spa is the perfect spot for a family holiday. Radisson Blu Hotel has numerous services for families with children. In Swissôtel guests with children can request adjoining kids' rooms. Romeo family apartments is a great option in the Old Town. Baltic Boutique Apartments is a good base location for a family of four or more.
Travelling with young children typically requires careful planning to keep your fun-filled, much-longed-for family vacation on track. The journey alone can be stressful enough what with checking on all baggage, keeping track of one or more children with a tendency to wander, finding your way through unfamiliar airports or train stations, and finding a cab or rental car agency to take you where you want to go.

Once you arrive at your hotel, you'll want to relax and start enjoying your vacation. If you've planned well and chosen a good hotel with family-friendly facilities, this will not be a problem.

Best family-friendly hotels in Tallinn

In Tallinn, Estonia, tourist families of all sizes and budgets in every range have numerous options at their disposal. For instance, St. Bridget's Convent Guesthouse is a budget hotel offering a very nice special family room for a very reasonable price. Although it is quite a distance from the Old Town and most tourist attractions, families with young children will find it ideal for the quiet, which means they'll be able to fall asleep easily after a long day of traveling to see the sights.

For something in between budgets, you could try Kalev SPA as much for the family-friendly facilities as for its famous spa facilities, giving you a chance to kick back and relax while the kids are asleep or playing. It's not very expensive and isn't very far off from the Old Town. Kids will have a ball at the waterpark and there are even special swimming classes with trained instructors there for them. There are special offers at the hotel for families, but the waterpark and spa might be crowded with locals on weekends, another testament to its popularity.

The Radisson Blu Hotel is quite close to the Old Town as well as some of the largest shopping malls in town. This is very convenient if you need to shop for emergency items for the children, such as diapers or clothes. The hotel has numerous special offers as well as services available for families with children.

The Swissôtel is also close to the Old Town and the shopping malls. Guests with children can request adjoining kids' rooms, which have been styled especially for young ones. The hotel also delivers milk and cookies to the room as part of the turndown service. Not only Swissotel rooms and suites are great for families, but also their Cafe Swiss is the nicest place to dine with kids (plenty of space, friendly staff, highchairs available).

Telegraaf Hotel, located in the Old Town, has a wonderful history attached to it. Families can also enjoy this slice of history by taking advantage of some of the special offers and services available. Mothers will be pleased to find a fully equipped spa and wellness facility available to them as well.

The Von Stackelberg is similarly located in the Old Town and also has special offers and services available to families, as well as a spa and wellness center for mothers. A special package is offered to mothers and daughters to enjoy a day at the spa together, but advance booking is required.

Family apartmens

For guests seeking stylish apartments, Baltic Boutique Apartments were built in the 1930s. Each apartment has its own living room and kitchen. Although the location is not very glamorous, this is a good base location for a family of four or more.

Central Apartment Kalamaja offers a range of self-catering apartments. The wooden building, built in 1901, is some distance away the Old Town. Again, the location is far from glamorous, but the establishment does offer some very reasonable prices for a moderate to large family. The facilities on offer here are highly appreciated by its guests, you will even have a private back yard, with a playground for the children.

Romeo family apartments is another great option, located in the Old Town. This places lacks style, but the prices are reasonable and the reviews are generally favourable, also you will get a nice view from the windows.

Many more private apartments in the Old Town are, of course, available, but these tend to vary in price and are typically not very spacious or in the best of conditions. For this reason, we would recommend you to select one of the tried and true options above to ensure you will enjoy Tallinn and make memories for a lifetime.

Babyproofing your hotel

First of all, you'll want to consider the hotel's location based on your holiday itinerary. Kids can get quite fidgety if they're forced to spend a lot of time cramped in a car while traveling between attractions. Cut down on your traveling time by choosing a hotel that is close to the largest number of attractions to which you'll be taking the kids. Even if you have a few adult-only adventures planned, you'll want to be close enough to return to the hotel quickly, if necessary.

A hotel close to your chosen outdoor activities will also be a blessing at around the kids' nap time, which also gives you a chance to unwind before you head out again for the evening's attractions. There should be a park or a playground nearby where your children can wear off any excess energy if you decide to relax by the hotel for the day or if you plan to try out any of the spa treatments on offer at the hotel or in Tallinn.

To check on the structures available at any playgrounds listed on a map beforehand, you can try viewing it via Google Maps' satellite view, which provides a pretty good idea of what you can expect when you get there. This is also a good way to check out the general neighborhood of a hotel you're thinking of booking. Also keep an eye out for nearby cafes, restaurants, and shops since you'll likely be visiting these quite often during your trip. Yelp can provide good reviews for eateries in the area if you're looking for options beyond those provided by your chosen hotel.

When considering the room itself, space is an important factor. Some hotel rooms are barely large enough to accommodate a bed and a writing desk. This may be fine if your child is an infant but can be a problem for a family of four or more with older children. Hotels in Tallinn Old Town often have very small rooms for the low-budget range. A slightly more expensive room that offers more space or a suite is sometimes a better option to keep everyone from getting in each other's way. Plenty of unexpected circumstances can spoil a vacation but a lack of space needn't be one of them. Suites are especially convenient since they offer two or more rooms and a separate living room, where adults can relax while the kids are asleep.

You should ask for adjoining rooms if your older children will be sleeping separately, so you can have some peace of mind while you're resting and they also have easy access to you, if necessary.

If your children are very young and rambunctious, it'd be best to avoid cheaper hotels and B&Bs where the walls are very thin. If the other guests are constantly disturbed by the noise coming from your room at all hours- particularly if you have an infant who awakens to be fed in the early hours of the morning - you may be subject to complaints. If you can't find a soundproof room that fits your budget, speak to the hotel staff in advance in case they can make arrangements to place you in a room that is closer to other families or in an area that is generally noisier than the rest of the hotel, so other guests can't complain. A soundproof room would be much better though, since noise from the rest of the hotel could keep infants awake later than they need to be.

Families with babies may need to "babyproof" their hotel room to an extent to avoid any nasty accidents. Although it won't be possible to secure temporary living quarters as well as you would your own home, there are many precautions that can be taken using only duct tape, blue painters' tape, and twist-ties or pipe cleaners. These can be used to tie cords out of the way and to secure any unsafe furniture in the room.

To make your life easier, request a room that has already been baby-proofed (if one is available), so that you have less to do when you arrive, but be aware that this may attract an extra fee. Anything in the room that is within reach of the baby and that may be dangerous should be removed by the housekeeping staff or kept hidden in a closet. Loose cords and wires can be tied out of reach, while electrical outlets can be covered with duct tape (or blue painters' tape if they are wallpapered) when they are not in use.

Dresser drawers can also be secured with painters' tape. Furniture with sharp corners can be cushioned with mounds of paper and duct tape. Request a crib so that you have a safe place to put the baby in lieu of a playpen while you're distracted with other things. Check that the crib is safe first though, especially if your child is old enough to stand up and climb out of it. Move it away from any furniture that may encourage such adventures. Another worry is that babies can sometimes get trapped between the extra stuffed mattress and the bars of the crib, so check that the mattress fits tightly in the crib. Be sure that the crib isn't directly in line with heating or cooling vents. Make sure all windows and balconies are locked and furniture is moved away from them to avoid having children climb up and fall out.

Another thing to look for when choosing a room is a refrigerator where you can place your personal items, such as baby bottles for feedings or quick meals and leftovers from takeaways. A minibar is typically present in most hotel rooms, which can double up for this purpose. An in-room coffee maker or teapot will be useful for heating water. Some rooms may even have a microwave oven for added convenience. Apartments of course come with a fully equipped kitchenette, which gives you the advantage of choosing to eat your own homemade meals when you want a break from the local cuisine.

Most hotels have one or more restaurants of their own, but these sometimes cater only to adults. You can check reviews to see if any of the hotel's restaurants, including the one catering for room service, serve reasonably priced kid-friendly meals. Some of these hotels will even include a baby chair. If you decide not to join the other guests for the breakfast buffet in the morning, there's often a convenience store in the hotel lobby where small snacks and breakfast items can be purchased.

Many hotels only offer a shower, so if your kids are still very young and need your help for bathing, you may want to ensure you get a room with a bathtub.

Traveling with a family

If you plan to have a rather long vacation, you'll need to consider laundry services at some point. The hotel's in-house laundry service may be expensive, but most offer discounts for families with children. If not, you can check the local neighborhood for laundromats (not common in Estonia) or dry cleaning services, but obviously, this will need to be checked in advance.

Families who aren't traveling on a budget or who have chosen to splurge on their vacation may opt for a luxury hotel experience. As part of this, guests with a family in tow can expect a welcome gift, which can be a small, stuffed toy or a few activity sheets. Some rooms come with a diaper genie or even a stepstool for your convenience. As part of the turndown service, families staying at luxury hotels are typically presented with a tray of milk and cookies.

If the hotel has a swimming pool or spa that accepts children, they may even have child-sized robes. You can enquire about these at the front desk.

If you have a particularly large family, then a regular room won't provide adequate space. A suite is a must in this case since they often come with a sofa pull-out bed. Up to six people can be accommodated in the average two-room suite. Many rooms also offer a rollaway bed for extra guests for a surcharge, but you should confirm in advance that the room has sufficient space for this. A crib is typically offered as well, sometimes for no extra charge, for children under a certain age. You may prefer to bring a crib-sized sheet of your own since hotels sometimes don't have one available, offering instead a king-sized sheet that has been folded.

If you foresee needing the babysitting service, you should plan for this in advance since they typically require 24 hours' notice. If you ask well in advance, the hotel may be able to arrange for the same babysitter to work with your family throughout your stay.

Another thing to watch out for are hidden fees. Various hotel services may indeed be available, but some don't state upfront that there is a surcharge attributable until after you've booked it or at the time you attempt to pay the bill. You'll need to find out if surcharges are applicable so that you can make a fair comparison between hotels that offer similar services. For instance, there is often a surcharge for parking on the premises since space is limited compared with the number of rooms available. The WiFi in the rooms is sometimes charged per device rather than being a standard rate for the whole room. Even in hotels where free WiFi is advertised, you should check whether this applies to all devices or just to the first two or three device connected. Spa or pool fees may be applicable in some cases.