The Roxford Lodge Hotel (Dublin)
The Roxford Lodge Hotel
by Aleksandr Siling
This is the best hotel for those seeking an enjoyable stay on a small budget.

The Victorian style design is charming, the quiet surroundings are ideal for a good night's sleep, and the city center with its beehive of constant activity is only a 15-20 minute walk away.

The Roxford Lodge is one of the best economy hotels in Dublin, where friendly, helpful staff and caring management serve you. As an interesting feature, some of the rooms here have a private sauna.

The breakfast prices are also very good. In fact, in some Dublin hotels, you would only get a cup of yogurt for the price of breakfast in the Roxford.
Located in the popular Ballsbridge area
The Roxford Lodge Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel that is located in a gorgeous Victorian townhouse.
This old Victorian townhouse has been upgraded over the years but has still retained its old Irish charm with its beautiful chandeliers and large windows.
Bed and breakfast
The hotel has a beautiful dining room where a great traditional Irish breakfast is served. Since breakfast is the most important meal at the Roxford, there is also a continental and vegetarian breakfast available. There is also a children's menu available.
The hotel is situated in the Ballsbridge district in Dublin which is a residential area that is extremely quiet and peaceful.
Stylish and charming
The Roxford Lodge hotel is located in a gorgeous Victorian townhouse and marketed as a luxury boutique hotel.

This bed and breakfast is situated in the posh Ballsbridge area in Dublin and provides guest with easy access to most of the popular tourist attractions which are within walking distance.
There are also a number of restaurants, bars and shopping outlets located within easy reach of the hotel. The hotel is well known and guests will find no trouble accessing the hotel or travelling to and fro as the city center and business district is just a 10 minute walk away. Guests who travel with their own car or a rented Europcar will be able to park on site, free of charge.

Rooms at the Roxford Lodge hotel are spacious, have large windows and come with free internet cable and WiFi facilities. All of the rooms have access to drinking water from the mains and a number of rooms are also fitted with a Jacuzzi bath and an infrared sauna.
The Roxford serves up free coffee and tea throughout the day and guests will also have the option of ordering beer and wine to their room or lounge via room service. Business executives will not have any problem with internet facilities as the hotel has a robust internet connection that can be accessed in the rooms as well as the lounge. Guests who need to access a computer, can also request for a laptop as there is no business center or conference room available at the Roxford.

However the hotel can make arrangements to host a small business meeting upon request. Guests can also request for photocopy and fax services.

This boutique hotel provides guests with a number of room options ranging from standard, double and executive rooms. The twin and triple rooms at the hotel are generally marketed as luxury rooms. The Triple room consists of two single beds and a double; or three single beds. Families who want to stay at the Roxford can choose the Family Room which can accommodate two adults and two children.

The Executive Suite comes with a balcony that gives guest a spectacular view of the Aviva Stadium. There is also a sauna that can accommodate up to 4 people, a Jacuzzi for two and a fully functioning kitchen. The suite has a king sized four poster bed, a DVD player with a flat screen TV, a mini DVD library and a music system. There is also a sitting area with a computer terminal for guests to handle their business requirements.

The staff at the hotel continue to get great reviews from guests as they are always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate a guest's special request and make them feel comfortable.
Should I Stay at The Roxford Lodge?
The Roxford Lodge is one of the best economy hotels in Dublin. As an interesting feature, some of the rooms here have a private sauna. The Victorian style design is charming, the quiet surroundings (Ballsbridge) are ideal for a good night's sleep.
A variety of rooms are on offer at this hotel, depending on the needs of the guests. Guests can choose between standard or luxury single or double rooms, while twin and triple rooms are both defined as luxury rooms.
from 100
12 - 15 sq.m.
1 single bed
Flat-screen TV
Shower or Bath
Tea/Coffee Maker
from 169
15 - 22 sq.m.
1 double bed or a large double bed
Flat-screen TV
Air conditioning
Private bathroom
Tea/Coffee Maker
Safety Deposit Box
from 199
22 sq.m.
2 single beds
Flat-screen TV
Air conditioning
Private bathroom
Tea/Coffee Maker
Safety Deposit Box
The Luxury Triple, which features a double bed and two single beds or a total of three single beds, as well as the Family Room and the Executive Suite are all excellent options for families. The Family Room can accommodate two adults and two children.
from 230
30 sq.m.
3 single beds or 1 single bed and 1 large double bed
Air conditioning
Private bathroom
Additional Toilet
Tea/Coffee Maker
Coffee machine
from 230
20 sq.m.
2 single beds and 1 large double bed
Garden view
Air conditioning
Private bathroom
Additional Toilet
Tea/Coffee Maker
Coffee machine
The Executive Suite offers a two-person Jacuzzi, a 3-4 person sauna, a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, a king-sized four-poster bed, a large flat-screen TV with a DVD player and a mini library of DVDS, a music system, a sitting area with a computer terminal, and a balcony with a breathtaking view of the Aviva Stadium.

A special surprise is offered to guests who book the Executive Suite.
from 330
57 sq.m.
1 extra long double bed
Air conditioning
Spa bath
Private bathroom
Additional Toilet
Tea/Coffee Maker
Coffee machine
Best prices in Dublin
Families or groups with more than four members who are open to experiencing something new can opt to stay in one of the Townhouses. These Townhouses are located just a few meters away from the Roxford and come with three bedrooms. The Townhouses have all been furnished with modern amenities and can accommodate up to eight individuals easily. The location of these Townhouses will ensure that you enjoy a quiet time and feel like you are living in a home away from home.
These holiday homes can accomodate up to 10 adults plus 4 children.
from 500
95 - 130 sq.m.
Double beds, extra large double beds and sofa beds
Air conditioning
Children's high chair
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor dining area
Private entrance
Want to know more?
One of the most important factors that guests consider when choosing a hotel is its location. The Roxford is located in the popular Ballsbridge area which is a residential area that is very posh. While the Ballsbridge area is extremely vast, the Roxford is situated very close to the tourist part of Dublin or South East Dublin.
South East Dublin has a number of popular tourist attractions such as the National Gallery, Merrion Square, the National History Museum, Ely Place Street, Aviva Stadium and St Stephen's Green Park. All of the above locations can be reached within a 20 minute walk. The Bank of Ireland, Grafton Street and the popular Temple Bar are also nearby but will take a little longer by walk.
Deals nearby
Aviva Stadium
The stadium hosts a number of football and rugby matches throughout the year and as a result the hotels nearby tend to get filled up pretty quickly as visitors want to stay near the stadium. The Ballsbridge Hotel is a pretty big hotel that is located near the stadium and most visitors going to a game tend to book here. However the Roxford is another great option as it is also very close to the Aviva Stadium.

Got 99 problems but a pitch ain't one ☀️

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National Print Museum
The museum opened in 1996 and has a great collection of artefacts and printing machinery. There is also a good collection of Irish books, photographs, periodicals and pamphlets which will give visitors a great education on Ireland's history.

This is a great place to spend an hour or two learning about the Irish culture and history. The Museum also offers a guided tour for a very small fee and chances are that you could end up with a private guided tour as there are not many visitors to the museum.

The Museum is also known for running a number of workshops and activities for children and adults. Some of these workshops teach kids to make their own origami, gift cards and how to print a pamphlet. These workshops generally cost around €10 - €15.
The Educational Area for kids is also a great place for children to learn and have fun. There is no fee for entering this area and there is also an Education Officer present who will guide and help kids have a great experience.

The Museum is very close to the Roxford and is also a great place to pick up some unique souvenirs. There is also a nice cafe for guests to chill-out and grab a quick bite.
Northumberland Road
The Roxford is located on Northumberland Road which is pretty famous as the Czech Republic and Italian embassies are located here. There are also a number of business establishments situated here including officers for a number of lawyers, architects and business consultants.

Northumberland Road also has a bloody history dating back to 1916 when there were fierce fights between British Soldiers and Irish volunteers during the Eastern Rising. It was at House 25 on Northumberland Road where a 28 year old carpenter by the name of Mick Malon took charge over the Volunteers and led a charge against a British regiment called the Sherwood Foresters.

The young British regiment was not very well trained and the assault would cost the British 240 causalities with 4 officers and 24 other ranks being killed in the attack. The attack also resulted in the death of 4 civilians and 4 volunteers.
As a BnB, breakfast is the most important meal served at the hotel in the elegant dining room. On offer are traditional Irish breakfasts, a continental breakfast, a vegetarian breakfast, and a special children's menu.

Special requests can be entertained with advance notice to the staff upon arrival.

At the lounge, guests can enjoy free coffee, tea, and biscuits throughout the day, as well as alcoholic drinks, including wines and beers.
Traditional Irish Breakfast
If you are not Irish, chances are that you will not know what an 'Ulster Fry' or a 'Fry Up' means. These are just some of the other names used to describe a traditional Irish breakfast or a full breakfast which looks like a meal cooked for a king.

These days most families in Ireland prefer to have a full breakfast on Sunday's when they get time to relax and eat breakfast at a leisurely pace. However the Roxford cooks up a traditional Irish breakfast on a daily basis and it is a great way to start your day in Dublin.

Desayuno irlandés

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The Irish Breakfast served at the Roxford will include Clonakilty sausages (bangers), bacon (rashes), grilled tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, free range eggs that can be cooked as scrambled, poached, boiled or friend. The special Clonakilty black and white pudding which is also referred to as drisheen.

The black and white pudding is not sweet and is certainly not a dessert. The black pudding is also called blood pudding as it made out of pigs blood and mixed with a number of different fillings such as beef, pork, oatmeal, fat, bread and potato. The pudding tastes like a soft sausage and is one of the famous dishes in Ireland.

The white pudding is similar to the black pudding but there will be no blood mixed in it. The pudding usually comes in the form of a tube, similar to a sausage tubes found in the United States. Both black and white pudding are cut and then grilled before being served.

The breakfast will also include baked beans, smoked salmon, fresh pancakes with maple syrup, fruit, red cheddar cheese and a toasted bacon butty sandwich.

While it is common belief that the English love their tea and are known to be tea lovers, the Irish are the ones who consume the most tea in the world. So after finishing your traditional Irish breakfast, you can wash it all down with a cup or two of Irish tea.
The Roxford also serves up a continental breakfast on a daily basis and usually consists of a selection of cereals usually Muesli, Cornflakes and Weetabix. Those who are gluten intolerant can also request for gluten free cereal. Hot porridge or oatmeal served with milk or water served with honey and cinnamon will be served. There is a nice ham and cheese plate which feature a number of Irish cheeses.

There is a wide selection of juices, fresh fruit and a hotel chocolate drink. There is fresh homemade brown soda bread, toasted bread, butter, jam and a nutella spread. A number of different natural and fruit yoghurt is also served. To finish things off, there is a wide selection of freshly brewed Irish tea and coffee.
Guinness is one of the most famous Irish beers in the world and an estimated 10 million glasses are consumed on a daily basis throughout the world. If you are in Ireland, you got to visit one of the pubs and consume a glass of Guinness. Here are some cool facts on Guinness that you might find interesting.

Colour: When you pick up a glass of Guinness, it looks black but looks can be deceiving. If you hold it against the light, you will find that Guinness is neither black nor brown. Guinness is actually a deep ruby red and the colour is said to be acquired when the malted barley is roasted during the preparation process.

Consumption: The Irish are known to love their Guinness and consume a good amount of beer on a daily basis. However you will be surprised to know that Africa is responsible for forty percent of all Guinness consumption. Britain is in second place and Ireland is in fifth place.
History: The Guinness brand was established by Arthur Guinness after he founded the world famous St. James' Gate brewery in Dublin during 1759. Guinness went on to sign a 9,000 year lease on the brewery at just £45 per year. If you visit the brewery, you can still find the original lease on display.

Contribution: While one must certainly thank Arthur Guinness for creating the world famous Guinness beer, most people don't know that the Guinness family made major contributions to Ireland. Mr. Guinness was a strong human rights advocate, who made significant donations to an Irish organisation that was similar to the Red Cross. Guinness was also responsible for developing a number of housing projects to shelter the homeless in Ireland.

Calories: The term 'beer gut' was born due to the fact that people believe drinking too much beer causes you to put on weight due to the amount of calories in a pint. Guinness is an exception as it is one of the few beers in the world to have the lowest amount of calories. A pint of Guinness is reported to have just 198 calories which is less than what a glass of low fat milk or orange juice has.

Ireland's Must Have: Guinness beer is so popular in Ireland that it can be found in just about every household as the Irish also use it to cook a number of different dishes. At one point of time, it was reported that doctors were advising pregnant mothers to drink a pint of Guinness on a daily basis to build the immune of both mother and baby.
Great Places To Eat Around
There are a number of great places to eat very near to the hotel. These are some of the places that you can visit.
Farmer Brown's
The Lovin Dublin featured Farmer Brown's in 2015 as being one of the best places to grab a brunch in Dublin and also for serving up a fabulous burger.

If you are looking to have a big meal and are not conscious about the calories you are going to consume, Farmer Brown's is a great place to visit.

Brunch with #1

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This establishment is located pretty close to the hotel and are known for serving up great chicken sandwiches. Lovin Dublin stated that their chicken sandwiches come with alteast two chicken fillets.

Just across the road from Junior's is a separate Junior's Paulie's Pizza restaurant which has a reputation for serving up some of the best pizza's in Dublin. The restaurant serves some great Neopolitan style wood fired pizza's.

Our doors are back open for lunch @ 12 today everyone! Come in, we've missed you! x

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Staple Foods
If you are vegetarian or would like to try a vegetarian meal, you can walk to Grattan street which is not very far from the hotel and visit Staple Foods.
While this is not an exclusive vegetarian restaurant, they do serve a number of vegetarian foods that have a South American and Middle Eastern flavour to it. Their whole grain wraps and vegan backed falafael are great and will provide you with sufficient protein to recharge your batteries to go sight-seeing and shopping. Whole grain foods are reported to provide more energy when compared to the usual cake flour that most bakeries use. The whole grain wraps have a number of different fillings which you can choose from.
Note business travelers
The hotel is located in one of Dublin's most exclusive areas. Historically, Ballsbridge was named for the Balls Bridge, constructed over the River Dodder in 1791. The area started developing when the Earl of Pembroke leased his estates here, fifty years after the bridge was erected. The large red-brick houses were built exclusively for upper-class households, while the working class were restricted to Irishtown and Ringsend.

Ballsbridge is home to 29 of the city's 53 embassies.

The hotel is located in a Victorian-era townhouse and has retained all of this old-world charm and stately elegance in its decor and architecture.

This is an excellent spot for business travelers seeking a laidback experience, while remaining close to the city's best attractions.

Although the hotel does not have a dedicated conference area, it will make arrangements for conference space, if this is requested in advance. Guests also have the added advantage of proximity to the RDS, the International Financial Services Center, the city center, and the airport.
Roxford Services
Guests need to note that room service at this boutique hotel operates only between 9.30 am and 3.00 pm. There are luggage storage facilities and laundry services available at the hotel. Guests who require baby cribs or anti-allergic pillows can also avail the same upon request. The reception functions from 7 am to 7 pm.

Guests can also make use of the Airport Shuttle Bus which stops at the Air Coach bus stop which is just a few minutes away from the hotel. The cost is €8 per person one way and €14 per person for both ways.
The hotel website has made provision for a review section which is not very common today. Even the hotels that do have a review section, publish very few and selective reviews. Roxford does not fall into that category as the reviews published on its website are also reflected on a number of other review sites. One guest who stayed with the hotel over a decade ago, recently returned to find that the hotel has improved and now provided an even better experience. Based on the reviews, it is not hard to conclude that the hotel has built a loyal customer base over the years who are happy to return due to the consistent service. The hotel is situated closed to the Aviva stadium and hence becomes a must for sports fans who drop in to watch a game at the Aviva stadium. There are spoilers on the reviews as the Roxford offers a surprise to guests who book the executive suite and the reward comes down to tea, coffee and biscuits.

Reviews found on are very positive and the hotel has a high rating based on the location, breakfast provided and the quality of the reviews. Most of the guests who have stayed at the hotel state that they would come back again and there are no negative reviews that are worth highlighting.

Some of the reviews on are very interesting such as the one from Erika G who says that she stayed at the Roxford with her (lucky) boyfriend and is really looking forward to returning. Michelle Q described her experience at the hotel as comfortable and rated the hotel very highly for being clean. She had a nice walk around Dublin and then returned to have a hot tea and help make her overall experience very special indeed. Jerry M found the coffee and cookies at the Rockford to be really good.

The Telegraph Travel sent Neil Hegarty to the Roxford and his review states that the hotel is perfect for those travelers who are looking for quality and comfort at a good price.
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"Lovely comfortable clean room. Good bed. Delicious generous continental breakfast"
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