Where to stay in Portlaoise? Try The O'Loughlins Hotel
The O'Loughlins Hotel is a little gem that is located in Portlaoise and does not receive as much attention as it deserves (although we didn't pick this hotel to feature among the very best hotels in County Laois).

The hotel is easily accessible as it is located in the center of Portlaoise making it convenient for all modes of transport. The hotel is just 5 minutes from the main bus route from Dublin to Cork and only 5 minutes from the train station at Portlaoise. Those coming in from Dublin Airport can also make use of the shuttle which drops you just 5 minutes away from the O'Loughlins Hotel. The hotel's location makes it easy for guests to travel to some of the famous tourist places in county Laois.

The staff are extremely friendly and are always willing to go out of their way to help. This is a hotel where you will get full value for your more and then some more. The hotel also has a conference room and business meeting facilities and can be availed upon reservation.

Restaurant & Bars

There are numerous restaurants in the Portlaoise area serving up a wide range of dishes to both locals and tourists. The O'Loughlins restaurant tends to attract more locals than tourists and the menu tends to favour mostly the local cuisine, although there are a number of continental dishes on the menu.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and use meat and veggies from local suppliers to ensure that everything is fresh and has a homemade taste to it. The portions served at the restaurant are generous and the head chef is Italian, so guests can expect some popular Italian dishes to also be a part of the menu.

At the side of the O'Loughlins restaurant is another restaurant called 'The Blue Door' which is also owned by the same family. There is also a tea room located at the O'Loughlins hotel which serves up some nice Irish coffee, tea and desserts for those looking to have a quick evening snack.

The hotel has two bars that serve up a wide variety of Irish beers, wines and liquors. The Irish love their sport and the bars have a number of plasma televisions so that patrons can have a drink and watch the latest game on television. Guests who are visiting an Irish bar for the first time, should prepare themselves for an experience they will not forget, especially if it on a day when a live match is being telecasted as the Irish are known for being loud and partying hard.

Guests who prefer to shake a leg and enjoy some dance music can headover to the popular O'Loughlins nightclub, which has enjoyed the status of being the number one club in Portaloise during the last decade. Thursdays and Saturdays are always crowded and guests who stay at the hotel can receive complimentary passes to the nightclub on request.

Since the nightclub is located within the hotel, guests who prefer to have a quiet night can request for a room that is not close to the nightclub to avoid the loud music and noise that can continue into the early hours of the morning.

Hotel Rooms

The O'Loughlins hotel received a certificate of excellence in 2012 from Tripadvisor as the hotel management and staff pay a lot of attention to detail to make the guests overall experience memorable.

There are a total of 24 rooms available and broken down into three categories.

Single Rooms. These rooms are very small and cover just 9 square metres but are also the cheapest rooms at the hotel. They come with a TV, instant coffee and tea, an electric kettle and a hairdryer.

Twin & Double Rooms. These rooms are double the size of the single rooms and cover 20 square metres. There is a desk and a couple of chairs along with a TV, instant coffee and tea, an electrical kettle, wardrobe and a hairdryer.

The rooms and their d├ęcor are simple, clean and neat making sure that guests get value for money. Guests can easily contact both the staff and management if they need anything extra as the hotel is always willing to go out of their way to assist.

If you are given a room that is too noisy for your liking, don't think twice about asking for a change of room as the staff are aware of the noise from the nightclub and will change rooms, if they are not full-up.