The Purpose behind This Project
Whether you're going on holiday or taking a business trip, choosing the right hotel can be a difficult process. In the ideal situation, you could use your own experience of visiting a particular destination or make your choice after consulting with friends who have been there and can recommend something nice. But this kind of personal experience is not always readily available.

In my opinion, it's often harder to choose the perfect hotel than to select a destination in general. There's far too much that needs to be analyzed if you want a good hotel for a reasonable price.

There's too much data available, and you won't have enough time to sift through all the options to make the right choice, even if you plan ahead. It gets even more complicated if you're traveling with family, as I often do. A facility to help you make the right choice is clearly useful in that case. While trying to form my own itineraries, I often found that the ratings, hotel stars, medals of various kinds, and everything else you can find on major booking websites are simply not helpful enough.

To address this need, I created a special algorithm that helps me analyze the hotels, drawing on the expert views of real travelers who have experience with these destinations.

On our website, we use this approach to narrow the list of hotels in the city according to various criteria, and then, we consider whether these hotels are really worth the cost of staying there and whether they deserve the star ratings they have received on booking sites.

We used this concept as the basis for this website. I won't go into great detail in this post, but I am pleased with the number of hotels we have covered so far (both published and not yet published here) and believe we can offer a safe choice of hotels. We can also provide a little heads-up on whether the hotel you're considering is right for you because two hotels calling themselves a "luxury boutique hotel" can be very different from each other.
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