Perfect hotels for a weekend in Tallinn
Tallinn has much to offer as a vacation destination, so much so that you can tailor a vacation package to meet both your budget and the experience you seek. Whether you're looking for a budget hotel that's close to the tourist spots or you need a hotel that puts you in touch with Tallinn's history in weird but wonderful ways, there's something in the city for everyone. This article touches on hotels that meet a wide range of requirements for the average traveler.
Living in history

To gain deeper insight into Tallinn's medieval era, there's no better place to begin than in your own hotel. While some hotels may offer only glimpses of inspired designs, the following hotels give you an authentic experience, allowing you to run your hands along the original limestone walls; walk up centuries-old staircases; and sometimes stay in the same rooms as dignitaries, celebrities, or even royalty.

Among the best hotels offering this authentic experience, you'll find CRU Hotel, Schlossle, and The Three Sisters. There are also less pricy options such as Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel and St. Olav Hotel.

CRU Hotel

CRU Hotel features late medieval era architecture as part of its lure. Originally a 15th century merchant home, this four-star hotel with 16 guest rooms contains antique furnishings with wooden accents but is still very much in touch with modernity, bringing modern conveniences and technology to each guest room. Each room is unique in both style and theme, as expected of a boutique hotel. They also include a contemporary bathroom, bathrobes, luxury toiletries, free WiFi service, a private safe, a flat-screen TV, and a minibar. Room design varies according to the preference for intimate quarters or luxurious accommodations.

The public areas are air conditioned and contain long hallways and winding staircases. To assist disabled guests, special rooms are available on the ground floor. At the top, the panoramic view of Tallinn is remarkable. For a more down to earth view of Tallinn, guests can look out on Tallinn's busiest thoroughfare from Restaurant Cru, which serves authentic French and Estonian cuisine by award-winning chefs. This restaurant serves up the daily buffet breakfast, which includes bacon and eggs, cold cuts, fruit, cereals, and a glass of sparkling wine. Special orders are accepted for business lunches. The restaurant uses only the best and freshest ingredients.

When the house was under renovation, proper respect was given to retaining as much of the original architecture as possible. This respect for the old historical buildings can be seen throughout Tallinn, given the government's directives to preserve historical icons. Strict national heritage protection requirements were issued, requiring that the location and design of the hotel's rooms must stay the same as the house's original set up. CRU Hotel is one of Tallinn's oldest original houses, featuring the same stone and wood architecture that was in place hundreds of years ago. Even the design elements in some rooms date back over 600 years, such as the old limestone walls and wooden beams on the ceiling.

To see more of the history of Tallinn, CRU hotel also offers packages that include a private guided tour of two to three hours, taking guests through Old Town. These packages can only be pre-ordered for a minimum stay of five days.

Schlössle Hotel

Schlössle is a 5-star hotel that is located in a 13th century merchant house. It stands on the same narrow cobblestone street - Holy Spirit Street - as the warehouses and merchant houses of old once did. Holy Spirit Street, back in the day, was a bustling thoroughfare, taking pedestrians from the central market to Tallinn's harbor. In those days, a wealthy merchant community lived and traded in this area for more than 500 years.

The area received a brief mention in medieval texts in 1363. During that time, the hotel building was still just a large stone warehouse, originally owned by a Tallinn alderman. This person was fond of decorating his own home in gold-colored stone and erected coffer-vaulted stairways.

Then bürgermeister Marquart Bretholt bought the alderman's house in 1464, and six years later, he purchased the warehouse buildings as well. There remains to this day a single entrance to the inner courtyard, through the gothic arched portal of the gate building, which Bretholt traversed everyday on his way back from the town hall. This gate building also contained storage rooms and living chambers.

Over a number of centuries, the buildings had many owners, many of them noble figures. The neighborhood too had properties that were owned by nobility, including Viant, Blanckenhagen, Schlovin, Hetling, Intelmann, and van Husen. In 1710, the black plague overwhelmed the city while Russian forces were laying siege in Tallinn, leaving many of the storehouses and homes deserted until they fell into ruin.

Wilhelm Brinck, a famous merchant, bought the two storehouses in 1739, ordering restoration and reconstruction work. Extensive design changes were made: The triangular gothic gables were taken off, while the cellars were vaulted along with the ground floors of both buildings. All ceilings in the storehouses were replaced. The stone-framed windows of the facade were turned into baroque windows. The restored building held only a few elements of the original building, such as the stone-framed doorways, windows, base walls, and ventilation openings. From that point, the entire structure could be considered as following a mixed baroque-gothic style. As the need for more residential space became more urgent, heating became a challenge, so tiled stoves that were painted blue were placed in the building. Acanthus leaves painted on the ceiling can still be seen in some of the rooms, especially where storage spaces were transformed into luxurious accommodations.

Schlössle Hotel gives guests a chance to see historical artifacts first hand. Authentic structural details still remain, such as the central chimney, stone portals, and small spiral staircases. The bedrooms tend to feature wall niches and irregular corners as well as antique furniture. Modern conveniences, such as free iPads and WiFi, are also provided, so you can be as immersed in the experience as you wish without giving up all creature comforts of the modern era.

In fact, you can choose between a more modern styled room, if you wish, and more rustic designs. In the lobby and lounge, murals adorn stone walls and twinkling lights and crackling fireplaces add light in the evening. Outside, candles line the open courtyard during the nights. Wooden furniture and a warm hearth can be found in the public dining room.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters hotel also started out as a trio of old merchant houses. They were originally three independent houses, built circa 1362, which were owned by a string of guild elders, burgomasters, and town councilors who often travelled overseas. The cross-border relationships continue today as the hotel has welcomed guests from all across the globe.

At the turn of the century recently, Martinus Schuurman, a Dutch architect based in Helsinki, joined forces with Külli Salum, an interior designer, to restore the three buildings, turning them into a single structure. This proved to be a challenge since the levels of each floor varied. Schuurman solved this problem by allowing a little eccentricity into the design, ensuring it would flow easily across the three buildings. He did this by incorporating walkways, galleries, staircases, and rooms as organically as possible, based on inspiration from Widder Hotel in Zurich. Another challenge was the lack of an entrance hall or central lobby, so the concept of a traditional hotel design was scrapped from the outset as impossible.

Legal tangles also had to be avoided since strict restrictions tend to be applied to all renovations of historical sites. The architect and designer had to ensure that the original style was preserved, so modern materials, including chrome, glass, and plastic, could only be used sparingly, and the new hand built staircases and doors had to be finished in wood. The custom-made staircases, doors, and window shutters were based on designs and methods dating back to the medieval era but they also made use of some contemporary finishes.

Another legal issue was the fact skylights should not be visible from the top of St. Olaf's Cathedral's tower, which happens to be next to the hotel. This made it more difficult for the architect to add natural light to the interiors.

After all the legal hurdles were crossed and Schuurman completed the single structure combining the three buildings, Salum started designing the interiors while retaining the original house's distinctive characteristics. Furnishings, color palettes, light, and the choice of layout all played into the decision making. Ultimately, the designer settled on ascribing the personalities of three young women to each of the three houses - hence the name "The Three Sisters."

The youngest sister was pictured as the family bohemian. She offers five rooms to guests. She has a great love of art, which is apparent from the photography throughout the building. Her love of eclectic styles can be seen in the contrasting contemporary and medieval furniture and furnishings.

The second sister, offering guests seven rooms, is a chic young woman. She has a discerning taste for classic beauty, which is reflected in the antique furnishings from across Estonia that now decorate her rooms.

The eldest sister provides eight small rooms. This one has a lively personality and loves parties. Her rooms thus reflect modern furnishings, including Casamilano pieces and other designs from Le Corbusier.

Across the hotel, one finds oiled natural oak planks in corridors as well as original limestone features. There are wool/jute carpets imported from the Netherlands to be found here. Guestrooms feature oiled oak parquet flooring and oiled merbau parquet---a dark wood that gets darker as it grows older. The sales office too has a 15th-century limestone floor.

On the walls, simple plaster and natural water-based paints have been used. The doors are all painted with natural linen oil-based paints.

A few surprises found hidden in the original buildings have been carefully restored and used as part of the decor, including a wooden crane that once carried stores into the house and complex ceiling frescos found by accident under 14 layers of paint and wallpaper.

The classic furniture and a few contemporary pieces were imported from Italy, including chairs from Vibieffe and sofas from Pianca. A Le Corbusier design inspired the cowhide loungers. Salum designed the counters, full-length mirrors and red wardrobes featured in the guestrooms; these were custom-built by Estonian craftsmen. There are rococo chairs in the Angels' Room taken from local antique shops in addition to chandeliers, which were placed in the breakfast room and lobby.

The bathtubs were imported from Jacob Delafon in France; the chrome tabs and fittings came from Godio in Italy. Each bathroom contains Brazilian slate floors as well as white Carrera marble wall panels.

The neighborhood too has seen its fair share of historic events. The Three Sisters, found on Pikk Street, which was paved in the 15th century, saw merchants come and go as they traded their wares. Spices, grains, and meats were sold here as horses rode past. The neighborhood has watched plagues, disasters, economic downturns, wars, and civil rebellion through the years, as have the Three Sisters themselves.

Less pricy historical accommodations

Not everyone can afford a large budget vacation when in Tallinn, but those on a lower budget need not feel left out. There are a couple of options that will suit both their pocket and their sense of adventure.

Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel was built in the 16th century, having started out as a merchant house. Here, rooms fetch a reasonable price of 60 euros upward. St. Olav Hotel, housed in a 15th century house, features pseudo-gothic design elements both in its facade and its rooms. It may not be as authentic as the other hotels, but it's a good rendering of these historical icons. Rooms here are offered at a starting price of 100-150 euros.

Where to go to relax and kick back?

Guests who are more interested in relaxing on their vacation or those who want to have a nice place to unwind after a day of sightseeing will enjoy their time at Swissotel, Telegraaf Hotel, or the Von Stackelberg. Each of them offers guests access to a topnotch spa with world-class treatments and services.


Swissotel Tallinn, a world-famous hotel brand, is not a full-fledged spa hotel. However, its Purovel Spa and Sport, available to all guests, is an excellent choice for those who need to unwind at the end of the day. The hotel gym is located on the same floor as Purovel Spa, so you can pop straight over to the spa right after your workout. A quick dip in the pool or relaxing massage may be just what the doctor ordered. The sauna, offering occupants an excellent view of central Tallinn, an even more impressive sight in winter when Tallinn is covered by a blanket of snow. The spa has its own brand of luxury products, which its staff use for massages; the toiletries in the hotel rooms are made by the same brand and can be bought at the spa if you'd like to take some home with you.

The brand's organic essential oils are made in Switzerland. The spa's signature treatments are aromatherapy sessions and a menu of massages including Alpine spring, using essential oils to clear nasal passages; sports massage; mountain meadow massage, combining aromatherapy and massage; heated mountain stone massage; and a de-stress massage. Couples can opt for a sweethearts massage in a private suite. Other options include a body polish, anticellulite wrap, milk and honey body wrap, various types of facials, and hand and foot treatments.

Special day spa packages are available to all guests. The Lotus Spectacular on offer is a full body treatment applied to lift, tone, and firm up the skin, besides deeply moisturizing the skin and improving the body's natural defenses. The entire body is first rubbed with an aromatic scrub, before firming concentrates as well as masks are applied to the skin. At the end, a luxurious body cream is applied to the skin.

Telegraaf Hotel

The Telegraaf Hotel offers access to the exceptional Elemis SPA, part of a famous British spa chain. As one of Tallinn's most popular spas, it offers the highest standard of products and services, from facials and massages to hand and body therapies. The treatments can all be customized to fit the individual's lifestyle and needs. To this end, guests fill out a special lifestyle analysis form upon arrival at the spa.

Bathrobes of all sizes, toiletries, and towels are available in the changing rooms. Children can also enjoy the spa services, but they must be accompanied by an adult, especially since the pool area does not have a lifeguard. Guests can from a menu of massages or opt to sit in the full-sized Jacuzzi; they can even spend time in the sauna or steam bath.

The Von Stackelberg

The Von Stackelberg Hotel features a rather small but elegant spa, which includes a Japanese bath and Estonian sauna. Zen Spa offers numerous excellent treatments, such as a luxurious deluxe chocolate body treatment, intended to fight cellulite and stress. Other body treatments claim slimming and firming effects, rejuvenation, body shaping, deep moisturizing, exfoliation, and body peels. The facials offered at this Asian inspired spa cleanse, purify, moisturize, firm up, or relax the skin. There are even anti-aging treatments provided as facials.

For an hour of pampering, try The Juicy Tenderness reconstructive treatment, which offers an instant "lift." The formula in use for this treatment boosts cell renewal and skin protection, thus warding off fine lines and wrinkles. Also on offer are the usual range of manicures, pedicures, salon treatments, and massages. Pregnant women cannot take some treatments, such as the body shaping massage, for safety reasons. To avoid disappointment, call ahead and ask about the treatment before booking the appointment.

Where are the good business hotels?

Business visitors often have a specific set of needs from their hotel during business trips or working vacations. Typically, they need access to business services, space for business meetings, a place to unwind, and most of all a quiet night's sleep. Tallinn's Old Town is usually filled with tourists due to its booming nightlife, which carries on partying until the wee hours of the morning. However, there are a couple of hotels that are far from the madding crowd, allowing a good balance between peace and quiet at night and proximity to points of interest in town. Here are three hotels that may satisfy you if you're seeking a good hotel for a business trip.


Swissôtel Tallinn is known to be the tallest building in town and is also one of its best luxury hotels. The airport is a mere 10 minutes away by road, making it ideal for jetlagged business travelers who don't have much time for commuting.

The rooms on offer are comfortable and air-conditioned and offer excellent views from the large picture windows that look out on Old Town or the Gulf of Finland. Each room has a flat-screen cable TV as well as free Wi-Fi Internet service, a safe deposit box, luxury toiletries, and a minibar. A work desk with a comfortable chair and a seating area for visitors are also provided, making it the ideal spot to get some work done or catch up on more casual meetings.

The decor is modern, chic, and upbeat, quite unlike the medieval features one tends to find across Tallinn's Old Town. In fact, its cheerful contemporary decor plays a large role in its popularity as a venue for large celebrations, including weddings and showers as well as business conferences and product launches. The latter are supported with state-of-the-art facilities that can match the usual requirements for technology, stationary, space, banquet facilities, and so on.

Guests receive free admission to the hotel's in-house spa, a welcome respite at the end of a long day. Anyone accompanied by children can request an adjoining kids' rooms; these are specially styled to appeal to young children, complete with Pixar or Disney bedspreads and bean bags, and the hotel even delivers milk and cookies to their room at bedtime.

Numerous entertainment venues, dining establishments, and bars are within easy reach of the hotel for those who wish to explore the city a bit more. Because of their proximity to the hotel, you never feel worn out from all the travelling and can still appear fresh for meetings the next day. Stores can also be found nearby to purchase any essential items that were missed during packing. Tallinn also has a vibrant nightlife for those who enjoy dancing the night away at the many nightclubs or sampling the city's best beers at its bars.

Those who wish to take an early morning jog can use one of the routes circling the hotel or the city centre. Viru Square, located 850 meters away, is very popular for short walks. On the other hand, if you prefer to only work out indoors, you'll find a gym, swimming pool, and several saunas at your disposal at Swissôtel, set within beautifully appointed, relaxing quarters. The indoor swimming pool alone is a sight for sore eyes, winding its way around the room.

The breakfast buffet is always a hit with the hotel guests due to its wide range of options, and small midday snacks are available at Café Swiss. During the evening, cocktails and dinner are offered at Horisont Restaurant & Bar on the top floor of this skyscraper, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tallinn along with your drinks and meal.

Nordic Hotel Forum

The Nordic Hotel Forum is a popular choice among business travelers and companies hosting conferences in Tallinn because of the numerous options available. This is a four-star business and conference hotel, providing modern amenities in a stylish environment. More than 250 rooms are offered to guests, each equipped with contemporary bathrooms.

The rooms are spacious and include air conditioning, satellite TV, and free Wi-Fi. Guests have access to a range of free services and facilities, including a gym, hot tub, steam baths, and sauna. On the top floor, the luxurious spa centre, with its own bar, can be found. The staff are always willing to accommodate special requests to ensure guest satisfaction.

The hotel also offers business center facilities and a variety of conference rooms, along with the services of highly experienced banqueting staff. Tallinn's Old Town and Freedom Square are within walking distance. An airport transfer is offered for a surcharge to and from Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, which is 10 minutes away by road.

The hotel restaurant features both Estonian and international cuisine and is excellent for dinner meetings. The head chef has served VIPs including the Estonian president, while the wait staff are able to offer suggestions that match guests' preferences. The hotel's summer terrace or lobby bar, with its open fireplace, can both be used for meals as well.

To unwind after a tiring day of meetings and deadlines, guests can check out the spa and salon for massages and body treatments.

Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Tallinn

Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Tallinn serves the business and leisure accommodation sector. Unlike its competition in Tallinn, it doesn't focus on matching its historical surroundings but instead has adopted a more contemporary style, allowing it to stand out. Emphasis is placed on providing cutting edge technology and modern amenities.

This hotel is based in the centre of Tallinn's business district, the perfect base of operations from Estonia's capital city. Prominent entertainment venues and the shopping district are also located nearby for a break from business activities. Public transport is easily available and can take guests to any part of the city.

The hotel offers 280 rooms and suites with plush furnishings and modern arrangements. Free high-speed WiFi is offered in the rooms, and the conference facilities can accommodate up to 350 participants.

To unwind at the end of the day, guests can use the health and fitness center, which is open 24 hours daily. The luxurious City Spa located nearby is open to all hotel guests, as is the in-house Babor Beauty Spa. Guests have access to two private saunas, large enough to hold up to 20 people at a time. While waiting for the steam room, guests can relax in a private lounge.

The hotel is also known for its Green Key eco label award, which it earned when it adopted the Responsible Business programme, which encouraged staff and guests to reduce their carbon footprint through practical measures.

Business guests also have access to concierge services for making bookings or other arrangements. Childcare services are available for business guests with children in tow. There are also late and express checkout options as well as a 3-hour express laundry service.

The Seasons Restaurant, which hosts the daily Super Breakfast buffet, has a menu offering 120 international dishes in addition to the traditional English breakfast. The restaurant can be booked for private parties or meetings, accommodating up to 135 people. Harry's New York Bar in the lobby offers express breakfasts to the early bird who can't stop for a sit-down meal. The venue is small and perfect for intimate gatherings. Cocktails are served here in the evenings as well as at Lounge 24, which offers dramatic views of Tallinn.

Where can I take my family for the best value and service?

Travelers with children are typically looking for comfortable accommodations within reach of the city's major attractions, preferably with options for tired parents to wind down. Budget can also be a consideration for families who need a fair amount of space to accommodate children. The best accommodations offering large rooms for reduced prices can be found outside Old Town.


Swissotel is an excellent choice for families. Limousine service is provided to and from the airport, which is only 10 minutes away, so the kids will have less opportunity to get restless en route.

The rooms are all air conditioned and provide plenty of entertainment in the form of flat-screen cable TV and free WiFi. Parents can opt for a room with an adjoining children's room, decorated in kid-friendly themes. Milk and cookies are delivered to their room by room service at bedtime.

Nordic Hotel Forum

The Nordic Hotel Forum is typically advertised as a business hotel; however, they do provide a few interesting options for children too. For instance, children can play in the Children's Club, which has been designed for pre-schoolers. Within the club, they can play games, draw, or read books.

Childcare services are also available to take care of young children while their parents are busy. It also gives parents a good opportunity to steal away for a while to get a relaxing massage or body treatment at the spa and salon.

The hotel's restaurant is managed by a chef who has served numerous VIPs including the Estonian president. The wait staff are at hand to provide suggestions that customize menus to your palate, making it easier to select an appropriate meal for your children.

Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Tallinn

The Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Tallinn is another business hotel that also has a few features that are child-friendly. Specifically, they offer excellent childcare services, giving parents the chance to visit Tallinn's attractions on their own or to spend some time at the luxurious City Spa located nearby. For those who prefer to stay close at hand, there is also an in-house spa offering treatments and massages. A full fledged fitness and health centre complete with saunas and gym is also available to guests.

Season's Restaurant offers a huge breakfast menu that is sure to have something for everyone, whether children or adults. Up to 120 international dishes are on the menu in addition to a traditional English breakfast. If the kids are up early and in need of a quick breakfast, express breakfasts for early birds are available at Harry's New York Bar.

The late and express checkout services can also be very convenient for those travelling with young children.

The shopping district and entertainment venues are located nearby, making it easy to take in the sights and do the regular touristy things without too much time spent on travelling.

Kalev SPA

Kalev Spa Hotel and Waterpark provides both excellent accommodation and family-friendly entertainment. Popular throughout Tallinn for its active holiday packages, locals and tourists alike visit Kalev Spa to enjoy the luxury spa or for a day of family entertainment at North Estonia's largest waterpark.

The spa hotel offers 100 comfortable rooms with a view of either Old Town or Kanuti Park's show fountain, foliage, and children's playground. There is a play room for children in the lobby and a room for changing nappies. Fitness, beauty and health centers within walking distance of Tallinn's business and shopping districts are open to the hotel's guests.

Guests attending the fitness center can use the free babysitting service for their accompanying children. At the fitness centre, guests can opt for water aerobics or underwater exercise devices guided by Estonia's best instructors for an hour.

The waterpark is the hotel's biggest attraction, featuring several pools, including a 50-metre pool with 8 lanes, a smaller pool that is half that size, a children's pool, and a paddling pool for toddlers. Themed baths such as a pearl bath and flower bath are also available, as well as a hot tub for a medium-sized group. Three water slides can be used by kids and adults, and Finnish or steam saunas are open to the adults.

Swimming classes are available for kids and adults, whether they are beginners or intermediate swimmers. Swimsuits can be purchased or rented, as well as sauna wear, towels, and bathrobes, from the waterpark shop. The onsite cafe offers healthy snacks and cocktails.

Exclusive VIP saunas are available on the hotel's first floor, including a large room for parties or relaxing, furnished with leather couches and low tables and a wall-mounted TV. These saunas have an exclusive snack and beverage menu, catered by the hotel's Restaurant Linda.

Full-fledged apartments

Travelers who prefer to cook their own meals and need a fully equipped kitchen should select an apartment, which also provides adequate space for large families without being too expensive.

Baltic Boutique Apartments

Baltic Boutique Apartments offers furnished apartments that are fully functional and independent. Each has its own parlor and kitchenette as well as spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. There are showers in the bathroom, and a hairdryer is provided. Each room has a work desk, so parents can work while keeping an eye on their kids as they watch DVDs or cable TV on the flat-screen TV.

The kitchenette includes a refrigerator and microwave, built-in dishwasher, kitchen utensils, and electric kettle. There is also a dining area for sit-down meals. Light snacks can be purchased from the local supermarket or bakery, and you can buy full-fledged meals at any of the nearby restaurants. Coffee and tea are offered free of charge in the apartment, and clean linens and towels are provided each day.

For privacy, guests with kids can opt for a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment.

Casa Kalamaja

Each self-contained one-bedroom apartment at Casa Kalamaja has easy access to the garden and free parking area. Four overnight guests can stay in the apartment, which can be leased for long term use or offered under contract to corporate houses. The family-friendly quarters welcome children of all ages; however, pets are not permitted on the premises. The entire property is a non-smoking area.

The fully equipped kitchenette includes a cooker, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, iron, and washing machine. Linens and towels are provided with the apartment.

Casa Kalamaja also provides central heating, where the bathroom floors are also heated. A playground is open to kids in the apartments' private backyard.

Are there any 5-star hotels?

There are plenty of five-star, luxury hotels in Tallinn, each one competing with the next to offer topnotch service with a memorable guest experience.

The Telegraaf Hotel

The Telegraaf Hotel, a short distance from Tallinn's Town Hall Square, has been the hotel of choice for VIPs guests ranging from musicians to prime ministers and presidents for years. With 86 rooms, three standard suites and one presidential suite, it stylish accommodations with the best modern conveniences.

Business executives have full access to a private lounge, where newspapers, stationary, a computer and printer, a TV, a phone, a fax, Internet access, and refreshments are all available for no charge. Their rooms also include a work desk and free WiFi. The meeting and conference facilities available are also of a high standard. Guests who need to make travel arrangements can do so through their private VIP attendant.

At the Restaurant Tchaikovsky, diners can choose from a range of Russian and French dishes. Liquor and cocktails are available at the lobby bar. The Symphony Lounge doubles as a meeting room or private dining hall.

The Elemis SPA, available free of charge to hotel guests, provides a sauna; hot tub; steam bath; and body treatments, massages, and facials.

An airport shuttle service is offered at a surcharge, and guests with their own vehicles can take advantage of the underground parking, which holds up to 15 cars simultaneously.

The Schlössle Hotel

The Schlössle Hotel's rooms are decorated with antique furniture in keeping with its medieval theme. They also include a private safe and flat-screen TV with a DVD player. Guests can request a free iPad to access the free WiFi or LAN Internet. The luxury en-suite bathroom features heated floors and a choice of either a shower or a bathtub. Bathrobes are available as well, and guests can retain the services of a private bath butler. Free access to the sauna is available every morning, or guests can request a massage instead.

The Cigar Lounge is a trendy local hotspot offering a range of cigars and fine cognac. Every detail of the design and decor is in perfect harmony, from the scattered sofa cushions to the elegant wall murals. At the restaurant, a world-class chef serves up gourmet meals; guests can also opt for more intimate meals with a private group in the open courtyard.

As a boutique hotel, the Schlossle received recognition as the leading hotel in Estonia in 2011. The medieval theme can be seen in the public spaces as well, with the stone walls and crackling fireplaces. Only 23 rooms are on offer, so the hotel is never overcrowded or noisy. Soft lighting and romance fill the building, making it an excellent choice for couples, who can even opt for a special package offering a suite decked with flowers and candles, a four-course candlelit dinner, late checkout, and an airport shuttle.

The Savoy Boutique

Professional service arrangements, strict attention to detail, and an art-deco-style interior decor set The Savoy Boutique apart from its competition. The luxury furnishings in the guest rooms lend a touch of both class and comfort.

Although the building was built in 1890, it was renovated within the last 10 years. Its proximity to the center of town makes it a convenient accommodation for those who want to make regular shopping trips or visit Tallinn's many sights.

Guests are guaranteed a good night's rest, the 43 rooms are air-conditioned and feature a large-screen TV, personal safe, and a minibar. The friendly staff provide high standards of service.

Business guests at the Savoy Boutique can host their meetings or seminars in the basement meeting room, accommodating up to 30 participants. They can stay connected to their office through the hotel's free Wi-Fi service.

The Savoy Bar is a popular meeting spot for the locals, as is the hotel's restaurant, MEKK. The restaurant also serves the daily breakfast, which comes with a glass of champagne. The sommelier on staff is always happy to provide wine pairing suggestions for your meals.

For local entertainment, there are numerous museums, galleries, shops, nightclubs, and bars nearby, and public transport is easily available.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters once won the World Luxury Hotel Awards. Each of the 23 rooms at the hotel has cable and WiFi Internet, a TV set, minibar, and air conditioner, as well as large beds. The modern-style bathrooms offer a hair dryer and bathrobe, with a choice of a bath or shower. Public areas have free WiFi, and the lobby has a few spare computers for guests.

Disabled guests can request special accommodations and allergy-free rooms are on offer for those who need them. Any special requests will entertained by the concierge and staff. Numerous services are on offer, including laundry and dry cleaning, ironing, shoe cleaning, and babysitting services. Guests can check their valuables and passports into the hotel's reception safe, but they will also have a private safe in their room. Pets are allowed to stay with their owners.

Business visitors have access to conference facilities, including presentation equipment and banquet facilities. A guarded car park is open to guests with their own cars. Travelers looking for a good deal should check the hotel website for a special package. For instance, honeymooning couples can select a honeymoon package offering two nights in a double deluxe room, airport transfers or free parking, a bottle of champagne and flowers in the room, a Tallinn Card for two days, and a four-course candlelit dinner.

The Three Sisters is most well-known for its award-winning restaurant, Bordoo, which has a special seating area and menu for children. The menu features traditional Estonian dishes and fusion dishes and can be adjusted to match dietary needs. Estonia's famous chocolate can be sampled here at the Chocolatier Selection.

What's a good budget hotel?

Although we haven't focused on cheap options on this website, Tallinn does offer some good hotels with reasonable prices.

Kalev SPA Hotel and Waterpark

Kalev SPA's starting prices fall into the 100 – 150 euro range for a decent room. By comparison, a good hotel in Old Town would cost twice as much. The facilities you gain access to for that price are unmatched.

The spa hotel, which was built in 2005, has up to 100 rooms overlooking Old Town or Kanuti Park, featuring a show fountain, foliage, and children's playground. Pets are permitted on the premises for a small fee. Facilities open to guests include health, fitness, and beauty centers, as well as the waterpark. All the main meals of the day are served at Restaurant Linda. The lobby bar and cafe is great for someone on a budget looking for light meals and snacks.

All rooms have a hair dryer, strongbox, bathrobe, phone, LCD TV and comprehensive information sheet about all the services offered by Kalev Spa. All the rooms are allergy-free, and an entire floor has been designed specifically for people suffering from allergies.

Families with kids will enjoy the waterpark. The hotel also has a play room for children in the lobby and a room for changing nappies and provides a free babysitting service.

A small seminar room is available for meetings and can accommodate up to 40 people in a theatre-style arrangement.

St. Bridget's Convent Guesthouse

This guesthouse is quite far off from the center of town, but it is a lovely location and quite cheap at 50 – 100 euros per person. Offering 22 rooms, this guesthouse provides comfortable quarters, and since it is an active convent, guests can appear for church services if they wish. People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to stay at the guesthouse.

All the rooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and classically decorated. The private bathroom has a hairdryer and a shower. Some rooms include a desk, and guests can request an allergy-free room. Families of up to four people can request the Family Room, which is ideal for a couple with two kids.

Conference rooms are available for meetings and seminars. All public areas have free WiFi. There is also a library on site. Private parking on site is free. Breakfast, served in the common room, is included in the room rate. Tea, coffee, and snacks are offered in a common hallway.

Points of interest in the neighborhood include a beach and the ruins of Pirita Convent.

16Eur hostel

16EUR Hostels offers cheap accommodations that meet the basic requirements of travelers. With a choice of three hostels, guests can select a double room for 32 euros, a single room for 16 euros, or a dorm room for 11 euros, but these prices are susceptible to change, according to the season or day of the week.

16EUR Hostels has been operating for six years. Along with the room, it offers free WiFi service; a private toilet and shower; fresh bed linens and towels; a TV; a 24-hour reception desk; a sauna; and a scooter, bike, or car on rent. Hostel residents can cook their own meals in the public kitchen. A buffet breakfast is available for 6 euros. Two of the hostels have saunas and pools, and two have TVs in the lobby or common rooms. Free access to the mini spas is available between 8 am and 11 am.

The Munkenhof hostel is located in Old Town. Fat Margaret's, the second hostel, is located at the gates of Old Town and within walking distance of Tallinn's port.
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