Hotels near Dublin airport
What are The Best Hotels Near Dublin Airport?

Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport - luxury hotel well above average, the convenience comes at a price. Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport - reputable Irish hotel operator, provides a relaxed environment, great competitor to the Radisson. Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport - the very best option one can find close to Dublin Airport. For the quality of service on offer, the prices here are perfect. However, it is a bit further away from the airport, so there will be some traveling involved.
Commuting between the airport and your hotel when you're on vacation is typically the least enjoyable part of the entire trip. On arrival, you're usually tired and just want to arrive at the hotel and relax. When it's time to leave, you'd lose hours that could have been spent enjoying the city or hotel facilities since you'd have to leave early to arrive at the airport in time to check in. Thus, the further away your hotel is from the airport, the more inconvenient (and shorter) your trip will be.

We've assembled a list of hotels that are well within reach of the airport and one option that is close to the airport but still relatively close to the action in Dublin, so that you get the best of both worlds.

Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport

This hotel brand is in fact known for building world-class hotels right next to airports. As a luxury hotel, the accommodations and dining options are certainly well above average, making it an excellent option as an airport hotel.

However, the convenience comes at a price, as often happens with Radisson airport hotels, so you may find it somewhat overpriced compared with hotels closer to the city center.

Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport

Those who aren't local to Ireland may not be familiar with the Maldron brand of hotels. As a reputable Irish hotel operator, however, it provides a relaxed environment and is a great competitor to the Radisson.

Have no doubts about choosing this hotel, as your stay will assuredly be comfortable.

Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport

Ideal business hotel close to Dublin airport

We consider the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport the very best option one can find close to Dublin Airport. For the quality of service on offer, the prices here are perfect. However, it is a bit further away from the airport, so there will be some traveling involved. The Radisson and Maldron hotels, on the other hand, are right beside the airport.

On the up-side, it is also a lot closer to town, so you'll have less traveling to do if you need to visit Dublin's many attractions during your stay.

If you travel to Dublin quite often on business, this could become your base camp in the city. The hotel also has a large car park and a free shuttle service to the airport.
The Best Hotels in Dublin

Dublin is an excellent tourist destination. Indeed, it is considered one of the top destinations in Europe. It's filled with wonderful things to see and do, whether you're seeking out a booming nightlife on Temple Bar or here for an activity-filled weekend. History buffs will love exploring the 13th century Dublin Castle or the 12th century St. Patrick's Cathedral. Shopaholics can get their fill too on Grafton Street. To meet the demand for tourist accommodations, there's no shortage of hotels in the city. In fact, you will find hundreds of them.

As is common in major tourist centers, you will likely find that the hotels vary quite drastically in price to cater to a range of budgets. The price is not always an indication of the quality of the hotel though. For instance, there are good hotels in Dublin that are reasonably priced, but there are also bad hotels that cost a fortune. This leaves most people wondering how to choose the right hotel based on their needs. Rather than going through trial and error and risking a bad experience, travelers can take a look through our carefully compiled list of hotels to find one that seems right for their needs. They've been split up according to various traveler requirements below to make it easier to find the right one. We've taken care to note both the good points and disadvantages and made an effort to show who would benefit the most from each of these accommodations. A range of preferences, needs, and budgets have been considered, but all of these hotels provide an acceptable standard of service.

So, where does one stay in Dublin?

There are several really nice hotels that offer high-quality service, yet are not overpriced. Check these out.

Clontarf Castle - Offering a range of packages, great food, and spacious rooms and suites, Clontarf Castle Hotel caters to a wide crowd. This is a high-quality hotel in Dublin and is not overpriced. It offers a great pub and restaurant. The surrounding area is quiet and peaceful and ideal for people who want to stay at a distance from the overcrowded streets and popular tourist attractions.

The Spencer Hotel - This marvelous hotel has a beautiful interior, great service from their staff, good food, and spacious rooms. It is the perfect choice for families but caters to everyone.

The Marker - A bit more pricey than Spencer, the Marker is another wonderful contemporary hotel. They offer 187 luxurious rooms and a rooftop garden boasting mountain and sea views. The hotel's concept of urban chic was used to create its luxurious, stylish spaces.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Dublin - This hotel is excellent for businesspeople or for those who need to stay in a central location in a hotel with high standards. The disadvantage here is that there is no spa or fitness center in the hotel. Instead, guests are offered free access to a nearby gym center.

Schoolhouse Hotel - At Schoolhouse, one can expect a spacious room for a very reasonable price. The decor at this high-quality hotel is warm and charming and makes prominent use of wood in its design. Old fireplaces add to the ambiance in the rooms.

Roxford Lodge Hotel - For an enjoyable economic stay, this is the right hotel for you. One interesting factor here is that many of its rooms feature an infrared sauna and Jacuzzi.

Kingfisher Townhouse - Here, you can hire small apartments for an economic stay in Dublin. You can opt for single, double, triple, or twin rooms, depending on your needs.

Waterloo House - This four-star boutique hotel offers 19 rooms that are decorated in the Georgian era style. Their small, cozy rooms are not overpriced. The breakfast is typically a huge hit, as evidenced by the endless reviews on multiple sites that commend both the variety and quality of the food on offer.

If you want to stay in the heart of the city, close to the Temple Bar district, Grafton Street, and other central attractions, there are a number of fine options that are perfect for you.

Harding Hotel - This is a nice, comfortable establishment. Instead of focusing on minor frills, this three-star hotel projects a quiet confidence through its atmospheric settings. A grand cathedral stands nearby in Old Dublin City. Each of the rooms is accentuated with warm colors, creating a welcoming, homey environment that is both clean and comfortable.

The Morgan Hotel - Morgan is the perfect hotel for young travelers who want a taste of Dublin's nightlife while staying in a chic place. Don't miss grabbing a cocktail or two on the wonderful rooftop terrace.

O'Callaghan Davenport Hotel - This moderately priced hotel, based in a historic building, stands in the center of Dublin city. Offering 103 classic bedrooms and 12 suites, it can accommodate many guests with special preferences. The rooms, decorated in classic Irish style, are all air conditioned. The hotel is a good option for those on a budget seeking a high-quality accommodation in a central location, with elegant surroundings.

Apart from these, if money is not your primary concern, try one of the top hotels in Dublin instead.

InterContinental Dublin - This luxury 5-star hotel features spacious rooms, splendid landscaped gardens, and a world-class spa, including a large swimming pool. The beautifully furnished rooms deliver inspiring views of either the city or the courtyard. Each room has a luxurious bathroom attached. Herbert Park is close by and makes a nice spot for a picnic or a morning jog. However, you'll need to take a car or a train to reach Dublin's city center.

The Merchant House - This stylish guesthouse in the center of Dublin can be found in the city's Old Quarter. It is the latest incarnation in a series of renovations on an 18th-century merchant townhouse. Guests can choose any of a number of luxury guest suites with a private, secured entrance. A car park offering reduced rates is available nearby. This excellent accommodation option is somewhat up-market but is far more reasonably priced than others in its class.

The Merrion Hotel - Also a luxury five-star hotel, the Merrion goes out of its way to provide the best guest experience it can. The hotel features stylish furnishings, beautiful art, and grand decor. Even the public spaces are gorgeous, featuring magnificent peat-fired fireplaces and plush furniture. The two-star Michelin Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud is also on site.

If you need to stay close to Dublin airport, the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin-Northwood is a great choice. The business park at the airport is barely two minutes away. A free shuttle is available to take guests to and from the airport. Jetlagged travelers will be happy to note that the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage program offers luxurious bedding, bedtime aromatherapy options, and unique Quiet Zones for uninterrupted sleep.

On the other hand, if you need to stay just outside the city, try out Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel. Stepping up to the hotel gates is somewhat like standing before a grand mansion in a Regency novel. The hotel's vast historical estate, built in the 1700s, lends it a lovely air of sophistication. It is now an Irish National Monument. The hotel offers 151 rooms and suites, each with breathtaking views of the gardens or Dublin Bay, making it the perfect choice for a wedding reception, romantic getaway, business meeting venue, or family vacation.
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