Hotels near Dublin airport

Commuting between the airport and your hotel when you're on vacation is typically the least enjoyable part of the entire trip. On arrival, you're usually tired and just want to arrive at the hotel and relax. When it's time to leave, you'd lose hours that could have been spent enjoying the city or hotel facilities since you'd have to leave early to arrive at the airport in time to check in. Thus, the further away your hotel is from the airport, the more inconvenient (and shorter) your trip will be.

We've assembled a list of hotels that are well within reach of the airport and one option that is close to the airport but still relatively close to the action in Dublin, so that you get the best of both worlds.

Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport

This hotel brand is in fact known for building world-class hotels right next to airports. As a luxury hotel, the accommodations and dining options are certainly well above average, making it an excellent option as an airport hotel.


However, the convenience comes at a price, as often happens with Radisson airport hotels, so you may find it somewhat overpriced compared with hotels closer to the city center.


Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport

Those who aren't local to Ireland may not be familiar with the Maldron brand of hotels. As a reputable Irish hotel operator, however, it provides a relaxed environment and is a great competitor to the Radisson.


Have no doubts about choosing this hotel, as your stay will assuredly be comfortable.


Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport

Ideal business hotel close to Dublin airport

We consider the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport the very best option one can find close to Dublin Airport. For the quality of service on offer, the prices here are perfect. However, it is a bit further away from the airport, so there will be some traveling involved. The Radisson and Maldron hotels, on the other hand, are right beside the airport.


On the up-side, it is also a lot closer to town, so you'll have less traveling to do if you need to visit Dublin's many attractions during your stay.


If you travel to Dublin quite often on business, this could become your base camp in the city. The hotel also has a large car park and a free shuttle service to the airport.


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There are 204 guest rooms and suites across four floors. Five suites are available, and 191 nonsmoking rooms are on offer. Pets are not allowed in the rooms; only service animals are permitted to stay with their owners. Each room comes with luxurious bedding on a king-sized bed, an aromatherapy spray, a minibar, and free Internet. The Executive Club Room comes with a work desk and leather office chair, as well as complimentary breakfast. Rooms can also come with two double beds or two single beds. There are five suites on offer, guests can choose between a king-bed suite and a royal suite, both featuring warm colors and luxurious bathrooms.

99 to 250 €
100 to 200 €
93 to 210 €

Carolyn John, 2015