The Purpose behind Beautiful Stay

We started this website because we are aware of how hard it is to choose the right hotel for a perfect experience. We’ve been there and done that, attempting to choose a hotel in Barcelona or Prague, where the sheer number of hotels available is frightful. We also have experience with choosing a hotel for a wedding venue and a honeymoon. In fact, one of us even got it wrong that time, but his sense of humor allowed him to view it as a funny experience.

You may also have opportunities to make follow-up visits to a nice city, where you may want to try a new hotel for a change, even if you were happy with your previous hotel on your last visit. Lastly, we've encountered a few astonishing hotels that aren't listed on at all. For instance, while this project concentrates on European destinations, there are many wonderful options available in Asia that are not represented on booking sites; we hope to eventually create a project for Asian destinations too to fill this gap.

The idea for this website arose during a casual gathering in a park near an opera house. We manage other websites and projects too, which earn us money, so we thought this website would be an easy project for a hobby.

So, we created an algorithm that limits the list of hotels for any given city based on certain criteria, and then, we evaluated those hotels to determine whether we would be happy to choose them ourselves or recommend them to friends and family.

What we are specifically looking for are hotels that will add value to your travel experience, hotels that you’ll want to recommend, even hotels that you’ll want to return to. We have made an effort to include hotels with different rates, so if there are many costly options in a given city, we select only the very best ones along with some cheaper options for those on a smaller budget.

We also deliberately seek out hotels that demonstrate caring and consideration for their guests. You could stay in a hotel that charges EUR300 per night and still leave dissatisfied, yet you may love a hotel on the next block, charging only EUR120 because of its personalized service (Again, this is something quite evident in Asia).

With that in mind, we are aware that there are great websites available with a similar purpose, such as Mr&Ms Smith, but they often don’t rate the less pricy hotels and tend to offer only a few hotels in a given city. We make every effort to offer you outstanding hotels in every price category.

Finally, we try not to be too commercially focused with BeautifulStay.Holiday, though we do intend to earn money on this project, of course. We will still cover a few hotels that are not on our partners’ booking sites, which means we won’t earn any money on them, but they have been presented because they may be a great choice for you. Also, 10% of the profit we earn for each city or destination will be sent to carefully selected charities that operate in those places. We consider this contribution to be your money, not ours, so if you book something through a link on our website, you will be helping the community of the city in which you’ll be staying. We will provide details of the charities we support on our blog.

Editorial office

Aleksandr Siling

Hopeless Wanderer

I travel in search for the sea, wind and sun. I like to stay in simple and cosy places, where you don't pay a fortune, but still get a nice and relaxed environment.

Artem Anoshkin


I love visiting historic places and old towns and prefer to choose small boutique hotels located not far from a park, ideally with a riverview or a seaview.

Dmitrii Siling

Contributing Nomad

Most of time I live in Asia, while in Europe I enjoy everything, because it's so different to what I'm used to. I like to stay in apartments or unique hotels and generally choose places that are not overpriced.

Paul Anoshkin

Head of Analytics

I think I've been in all kinds of hotels and apartments, I've had a few wonderful hotel experiences, along with a few horrible. It's not easy to surprise me with something good or something bad in a hotel.

Elena Kuznetsova

Avid Traveler

Love to travel and I used not to care where to stay, as long as there's a roof and a bed. I used to spend as little time in a hotel room as I possibly can. If you go to another city you go there not to sleep. However, now with a little daughter traveling with me I have to choose hotels thoroughly.