• 15 hotels
    Rates from 114 to 2175
    1 hotel
    8 hotels
    6 hotels
    2 apartment hotels
    5 family hotels
    1 garden hotel
    9 historic hotels
  • 1 secluded hotel
    7 boutique hotels
    8 business hotels
    7 gourmet hotels
    10 old town hotels
    11 stylish hotels
    6 luxury hotels
    7 spa hotels
  • 4 sport hotels
    4 park nearby hotels


  • 16 hotels
    Rates from 100 to 380
    4 hotels
    8 hotels
    4 hotels
    8 historic hotels
    10 stylish hotels
    7 boutique hotels
    9 luxury hotels
  • 8 business hotels
    8 family hotels
    5 gourmet hotels
    1 bed and breakfast hotel
    3 secluded hotels
    7 park nearby hotels
    4 spa hotels
    6 sport hotels
  • 4 garden hotels

County Laois

  • 3 hotels
    Rates from 95 to 1700
    3 hotels
    1 luxury hotel
    1 secluded hotel
    3 historic hotels
    3 boutique hotels
  • 3 garden hotels
    1 gourmet hotel
    1 sport hotel
    2 stylish hotels
    1 spa hotel
    1 cottage hotel
    1 family hotel


Top 5 boutique hotels in Dublin

Clontarf Castle is rather large to qualify as a boutique hotel. However, this hotel possesses a wonderful style that guests will love, making it a very special accommodation. Housed in a historic building, it is the ideal venue for a medieval style castle wedding. Many of the rooms and suites...

The best place for a wedding in Laois

Among the best hotels available as wedding destinations in Laois, four in particular stand out for their attention to detail, excellent service, and outstanding surroundings to make any wedding a memorable event. These are the Ballyfin Demesne, Castle Durrow, ...

Top hotels while venturing outside Dublin

Several hotels are available to those who would prefer to stay on the outskirts of Dublin. It tends to be quieter in these neighborhoods, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you need to go into town, there are adequate options for transport available as well. Radisson Blu St. Helen'...

Boutique hotels in Tallinn

Tallinn offers a wide range of urban boutique hotels that vary in price and style. Some prefer to highlight well-preserved historical elements of Tallinn's Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, while others feature more modern styles and themes. St. Bridget's Convent Guesthouse, for...

Family friendly hotels in Dublin

Clontarf Castle is based in a quiet neighborhood, so there are fewer chances for disruption or noise waking up gentle sleepers. The Spencer Hotel is just generally a terrific hotel, whether you're travelling with family or not. Guests can be assured of good value for money. Radisson Blu St....